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GPA calculator

The biggest concern for any student at college or university is to score a high GPA because that helps him in getting good employment options. Let us understand how the overall GPA system works before we get into the details. GPA (Grade Point Average) is a set of points against a particular grade. When scoring that grade, the respective GPA is awarded to you. To determine the overall GPA in a semester, you need to follow the formula given below.

\(\mathbf{GPA = \dfrac{Total Points Earned}{Total Credits Attempted}}\)


GPA Example:


\( \dfrac{33 \mathrm{Points Earned}}{16 \mathrm{Credits Attemped}} = 2.06 GPA\)

For instance, consider that you have a GPA of 3.33 in course 1 of 4 credit hours and 2.33 in course 2 which has 3 credit hours. Here is how the total GPA would be calculated.

\(\mathbf{CGPA} = \dfrac{(3.33 \times 4) + (2.33 \times 3)}{7}\)

\(\mathbf{CGPA} = 2.9\)

CGPA defines the total or overall GPA which a student scores in a semester. It combines all the individual GPA’s that the student has attained in a specific semester. As a student, you should remember that the courses with higher credit hours would have a greater impact on the GPA scored. In other words, scoring a low GPA in a 4 credit hour course would be more damaging that scoring low in a 3 credit hour course. This is one key point which students should be aware of.

Using a quality GPA calculator

During your academic tenure, you would be calculating the GPA multiple times but doing this manually is a tiring procedure. You would have to multiply the GPA of each individual course with the credit hours and then use the formula manually. A much easier way is to use GPA calculator which would give you an exact measure of how you are performing. To start with, this option would save a lot of time for you. There would be no need to pick a GPA calculator that is reliable and can provide you with the correct GPA count within no time. The GPA calculator by is an amazing option to look at. It has an easy usage method and provides students with the correct GPA count at all times.

Steps to use the GPA calculator

Before you start using the GPA calculator, you should have a good look at the steps which have to be performed. Given below are the steps which have to be performed to use the GPA calculator.

Entering Details Of Subjects

To start with, open the link that has been provided above. On the opened screen, you would see a list of text boxes on the left. The first column is the list of subjects which have to be entered. For instance, if you have taken physics, computing systems and hardware engineering this semester, enter the names of these subjects in the provided text boxes.

Entering Details of Credit hours and grades

When you have entered the names of the subjects, mention the credit hours beside them for each of them. The last column is the grade which you have attained in each subject. For instance, if you have scored A grade in physics, select it. After you are done with entering all the details, simply click the calculate button. On the right, you would see the individual GPA of each course and the cumulative GPA scored in that semester. In simple terms, by using this calculator, you would know the cumulative GPA without any stress or exhaustive process. Lastly, the GPA calculator is dependable in every manner so you can be sure. Hence, you can be sure that the calculated GPA is 100% accurate.

Cut down on the effort with the GPA calculator

Is using a GPA calculator the best option available for students? The answer to this question is yes. If you are not using a calculator, the other option is to determine the GPA manually. If you are using this option, you would have to select the individual GPA of each course and then determine the cumulative GPA through the formula. This option is workable but you need to perform calculations manually. Hence, a lot of effort is needed. Secondly, this option has efficiency issues as you can always make mistakes while performing the calculations.