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EZ grader is an easy and shortcut method to calculate your grades based on the total number of questions and the total number of wrong questions. It helps in calculating grades quickly, and that is why it is regarded as a quick grade calculator. To calculate your grade, all it needs is the total number of questions and the total number of wrong questions.

Who can use Ez grader?

EZ grader is online free of cost tool offered by espacemath.com. It can be used by anybody to calculate the grades. You don’t need any prior knowledge to use this teacher grader. This online ez grader is mostly used by:

1. Teachers

Teachers can use this ez grader online to evaluate the grades of their students. It facilitates teachers, professors, and supervisors in calculating grades of students in no time. Schools, colleges, and universities have a lot of students. Teachers can use this grader to quickly calculate the grades of hundreds of students in a short period of time.

2. Students

Students need to check their grades eventually to get a picture of their performance in an academic year or a specific term. They can use this free tool to assess if they are going in the right direction in terms of study. If a student has performed badly in mid-term exams, he/she can improve in the final exams by keeping track of their previous grades. EZ grader can be very helpful in refining a student’s result.

3. Parents

After school, parents are the ones who are responsible for their kid’s education. Now, parents don’t have to wait for the parent-teacher meetings to get the grades of their children from school. This grader enables parents to assess the grades of their children and make them work harder if they are not performing well.

How to use EZ grader calculator?

To use easy grader, follow the below steps:

  • Enter the total number of questions in the given input box.
  • Enter the total number of wrong questions in the given input box.
  • Press the Calculate button to see your grades.

Easy grade calculator will show you your grade, total wrong questions, and total correct question. You can use the evaluation to improve your grades in the next semester or academic year. You can use our GPA calculator to calculate your GPA online.

EZ Grade Criteria Chart

You can find easy grade criteria chart below. Using this easy grade table, you can check your grade based on the total number of questions attempted in the exam.

Wrong Grade Percentage Right
0 A 100% 20
1 A 95% 19
2 A 90% 18
3 B 85% 17
4 B 80% 16
5 C 75% 15
6 C 70% 14
7 D 65% 13
8 D 60% 12
9 F 55% 11
10 F 50% 10
11 F 45% 9
12 F 40% 8
13 F 35% 7
14 F 30% 6
15 F 25% 5
16 F 20% 4
17 F 15% 3
18 F 10% 2
19 F 5% 1
20 F 0% 0