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Slope Calculator

The definition of slope is easy to grasp and understand. In literal terms, slope refers to the steepness and direction of a line. This term is used in coordinate geometry. The calculation of slope involves two pairs of values. Each of these pairs have two values, one is of the horizontal axis while the other is of the vertical axis.

Slope formula and its process

The formula for determining slope is not hard in any manner. Consider that you have (X1, Y1), (X2, Y2) as the pairs of values being used. If these points are being considered, the formula of the scope would be given as follows.
Slope = Y2-Y1/X2-X1
If you go through the formula mentioned above, slope is the ratio of difference between vertical coordinates and difference between horizontal coordinates. For instance, let us calculate a slope with a proper set of coordinates.

Consider the following set of points
A (2,6) and B (6,2)
When you compare this set of values with the actual formula, you would get the following values.
X1 = 2
Y1 = 6
X2 = 6
Y2 = 2

Thus, Slope = 2-6/6-2
Slope = -1

The slope calculation using Slope calculator

It is not smart thinking to perform mathematical calculations manually. First of all, a lot of time is required to calculate values and check them as well You can save all this time as when you are performing multiple calculations, a lot of time would have to be put in. This is a problem if several calculations have to be completed. You can surely put an end to this problem by using a proper online calculator. In this way, multiple calculations would be completed without time delay. This is a quality slope calculator that fulfills requirements of students, mathematics teachers, professional mathematics consultants and other similar resources.

The steps which have to be executed for calculation are quite easy.

1. Entering the values of the four coordinates

you would see text boxes for X1, Y1, X2 and Y2. After entering these four values, you can move on to the next step.

2. Generation of Output Values and their understanding

When you would click the “calculate” button, the output values would be shown to you on the right. There are four output values generated in this connection. These include the slope, angle of slope in degrees, change in X and change in Y.

Let us consider the set of values mentioned above for the second time. The set of points are A (2,6) and B(6,2). When these values would be entered in the provided text boxes, the following values would be produced.

Slope = -1 Change in X = 4 Change in Y = -4 Angle (deg)= -45

Change in X defines the difference between the values X1 and X2. In this example, X1 = 2 and X2 = 6. Thus (X2-X1) = 4. Similarly, change in Y is the difference between Y1 and Y2. Thus, change in Y is -4. The angle basically defines the degree at which the slope is being made.

Gradient calculator

Gradient is another name for slope and the best way to determine it is using an online calculator to reduce the workload. Finding a good gradient calculator is quite tough because every tool does not produce the correct results so being watchful and selective is very important. Here are some major reasons for selecting our gradient calculator

1. No hiccups about free usage

When you surf the internet for finding the correct tools, you would realize that most tools claim to be the best and offer usage for free. In a lot of cases, it is more about talking. Most tools are not free. Other than that, even if they offer free options, it is not an ongoing option which you can count on. This gradient calculator is 100% free of cost and users can use it for as long as they wish to. They do not have to make any payments or procure a paid version after three or four uses. It can be used countless times without paying for anything.

2. No installation needs

When users are looking for quality tools, the first thing which comes to their mind is whether they would have enough storage memory or not. If there is lack of memory or the storage is just enough to complete the installation, the tool would not work well. In case of this calculator, no installations are needed. It is an online tool so you can use it by clicking the link from any device. Users prefer such tools because they do not have to worry about completing installations and restricting themselves to one device on which the tool has been installed.

The definition of slope or gradient is of a mathematical parameter that defines the direction of a line along with its angle. The formula shows that it is calculated by dividing the difference in vertical coordinates by the difference in horizontal coordinates. However, you have to use the correct method for calculation purposes. If you are a student who has to calculate the slope for ten sets of points, it would be a major challenge to plug in the values for all ten sets and determine the slope. Using this slope calculator works well for people.

To start with, no charges are applied on the user irrespective of how much he uses it. Along with that, this tool is completely online so you can avoid all kinds of installation steps. It can be used on any device with a proper internet connection. You can also add it as a widget to your website. This helps a lot because the user does not have to browse the link of the tool every time.

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