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Midpoint of a line or segment is a point that bisects the line in two equal parts. Midpoint is exactly at equal distance from both endpoints.The term midpoint is a mathematical term related to coordinate geometry. midpoint is a line segment  It is calculated through a formula and here is the formula for finding the midpoint:

Midpoint formula

\(A(4, 2)\) and \(B(6, 4)\) and to calculate the midpoint, the following formula would be applied.

Midpoint = \(\dfrac{X_1+X_2}{2},\dfrac{Y_1+Y_2}{2}\)

In the above set of points, the values  \(X1, Y1, X2\) and \(Y2\) are given as

\(X_1 = 4, X_2 = 6, Y_1 = 2, Y_2 = 4\)

Thus, the midpoint would be given as 

Midpoint \(= \dfrac{4+6}{2},\dfrac{2+4}{2}\)

Midpoint \(= (5,0)\)

Calculating the midpoint of a line segment

A line is constructed between two sets of points as the diagram shows below.

Interpretation of Diagram

In the above diagram, we can see a line AB where the coordinates are \(A(2, 2)\) and \(B(4, 4)\). When you talk about the midpoint of AB, it would be present between points A and B. Consider that the midpoint is C. Thus, C would be given as 

\(C =\dfrac{2 + 4}{2} , \dfrac{2 + 4}{2}\)

\(C = (3, 3)\)

In other words, as C is the midpoint of line AB, we can say that

Midpoint of AB \(= (3,3)\)

There are few important points where users have to pay attention to if they have to calculate the midpoint for one purpose or the other.

1.    Entering the input values properly

It is important for the user to enter the correct input values so that there are no issues with the results. It does happen that users do not check input values. As a result, incorrect values are calculated. The calculator would perform calculations according to the input values entered so users have to be sure that no mistakes have been made.

2.    Is the calculator 100% dependable

Every midpoint calculator on the internet is not trustworthy and it is important to seek a dependable tool if you want the results to be accurate. This calculator is completely dependable and users can trust on the calculated results. In an overall manner, users should check the reputation of an online calculator before they start using it.

Benefits of using an online midpoint calculator

It is not easy to make a selection when you have multiple alternatives available at your disposal. This calculator is a better alternative for users who wish to calculate midpoint. Some key benefits which you can look at are listed below.

  • Online usage without any installations

    It is a tiring cumbersome process for users when they have to install tools and use them. There is no need to perform these steps when you are using this calculator. It is completely online and can be used without downloading anything. It is beneficial for users who have less time on their hands and have to complete multiple midpoint calculations.
  • 100% accuracy assured

    The purpose of using an online calculator is to eliminate all chances of accuracy problems. This is only possible if the calculator is dependable. All online calculators are not completely reliable. This calculator is completely reliable and users do not have to check any calculations after the results are produced.
  • Saving immense time easily 

    Mathematical calculations consume a considerable span of time and it becomes hard for the user particularly when he has to perform the steps more than once. This calculator has a very simple interface and helps in performing several calculations quickly. It is suitable for both students and mathematicians. If you want to complete your assignment quickly without making any errors, this calculator would suit you.
  • Free usage without the application of conditions

    It is not an easy task to find a tool that is actually free and does not carry quality issues. This midpoint calculator is completely free and users do not have to restrict their usage to a certain time span. Other than that, all features can be used free of cost. If you want to perform several calculations at the same time, you can do it without worrying about procuring a paid version.

Uses of the midpoint

The midpoint formula is advantageous in a lot of ways. Some of the core benefits are listed below.

1.    Calculating the halfway distance

Consider that you have the coordinates of a physical route and you want to determine the midpoint. The midpoint formula would come in handy for such a requirement. You can enter the coordinates in this online calculator and the midpoint would be determined easily.

2.    Easier calculations for professional mathematicians

A professional mathematician is always busy in performing calculations including finding out midpoints. This is where the formula proves to be helpful for them. They can use this online calculator to get done with the calculations in a quicker manner.