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What is Discount Calculator?

Have you ever walked through a shop and looked at the discount percentages and selling rates for a long time or wondered if that online shopping was actually 20 percent off as advertised? You can now find out it with our "Discount Calculator."
With all percentage quantities, this Calculator operates very well. All you need to do is insert the item's original cost into and the discount percentage value for the product. After putting both values, just click "Calculate" to figure out the saving and remaining dollars. It's amazingly quick, simple and free.

For instance:
If you see an item that was originally priced at $49.99 and exhibits a 23 percent discount. By filling those figures into our calculator, you will discover out that the product is now $38.49 with an $11.50 savings. You can double-check them once you have our numbers with the store discount and/or the discount you see online to make sure it's correct.


How to calculate Discount for Fraction Values

Our simple discount calculator works even with percentage fractions. You can enter values in the fraction into our calculator and can easily find the new price.


If an original price of the supposed product is $89.79 and the discount is 25.5%. In this case, according to the precise calculation of our calculator, the new price would be $66.89 and you would be saving $22.90.

How to Use Percent Discount Calculator

To calculate the % discount (special discount) with our calculator, the users can insert these two values:

  • Enter "Original Price"
  • Enter "Discount %"

What Results Would Appear?

  • Saving Amount
  • Remaining Amount (amount after deducting percent off)

Add a free customized discount calculator widget!

You can get a free widget for your website and you don't even need to download for it, just copy and paste! The calculator exactly as seen above is 100% free to use. If you want to adjust the colors, sizes, etc., to better adapt to your site, select the design and color of the body layout, then click on apply changes.

It was never easier to find the discounted price of a product before.
On our website, you can even use a mobile friendlt calculator.

Discount Formula

Honestly, sometimes the calculators are easy to use and you do not even need to know what the discount formula is. But if you want to know the exact formula to calculate the discounts, here it is:

Discount Formula online:
\( \mathrm{ Discount Price = Original Price \times (1-(\dfrac{Discount Off}{100}))} \)

\( \mathrm{Savings = Original Price \times ( \dfrac{Discount Off}{100})} \)

Give a try today to our Calculator and never worry again about paying the wrong price.

How Does Percentage Discount Calculator Work?

Our discount calculator handles discounts in the same way stores generally do. According to the given formula, it calculates the values (even fractional values) and produces the most accurate result. You can simply put the original price and the percentage off, the shown result will be in two boxes. The "Remaining" value will be the amount you will pay to the shopkeeper and the "Saving" value will be the real amount you would save because of the given discount by store.

Online Discount Calculator

The most used calculator is a discount percentage for the original sale price or people use percent off calculator. These discounted prices are generally seen on Black Friday or Cyber Monday on the larger scale.
Keep in mind that some retailers do not indicate new prices, but only the original price and the percentage. In such cases, you may have to pay more at the ATM than expected. With this easy-to-use percentage of an online calculator, you will never spend more money.

It's importance

50% of 100 is 50. It's easy, right? But how do you count 26% of 133? To avoid such difficulty, we have developed this calculator to easily find out the percentage off on products in real-time.


How to calculate percentage discount?

  1. Divide post-discount value by pre-discount value (post value / pre value).
  2. Then multiply the first step with 100 to get value in percentage.

How to Calculate 25% Off?

  1. Divide 25 with 100 which is equal to 0.25.
  2. Multiple 0.25 with the original price of the product.

How to find the original price?

  1. Divide discount percentage by 100 to get value in decimal.
  2. Subtract the first step from 1.
  3. Divide the post-discount price by the second step to get the Orignal price of the product.

How Do You Reverse a Percentage?

  1. Subtract the discount value from 100 to find the original price in percentage.
  2. Multiply the final by 100.
  3. Divide the Second Step by Step One.