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It is hard to find people on the face of this planet who do not opt for shopping during sales. During the Christmas season, prices go down and brands promote their products through attractive sales. You see various online banners with texts like “50% off on all products” or “25% off on all new garments”.

What does it mean when it is written: “50% off”?

The term “percent off” simply means that the price of the product would be lesser by that specific percentage. If a product has a “25% off” banner, it simply means that the customer would pay a price that would be 25 percent lesser than the actual cost. The percentage off on the product is reduced from the actual cost. We can get further understanding by looking at an example.

Percent-off Example

Consider that you see an advertisement on a shopping website. 

20% off on the latest t-shirts. 
As a consumer, you would want to know about the reduced price. Here is the calculation process for determining the result.

Consider that the actual price of the t-shirt is \(\$1000\). Thus, \(20\%\) of the price would be given as 

\(= \dfrac{20}{100} \times 1000\)

Reduced amount \(= 200\)

Thus, the revised reduced price would be give as 

Discounted Price \(= \$1000 - \$200\)

Discounted Price \(= \$800\)

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Percent Off Calculator

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  • 12.5% of $14900
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