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What is Vat?

A product goes through several intermediate processes and each of them comprise of multiple stages. One of the key processes is the supply chain process. At each stage of this process, a certain value is added. For each of these values, an additional numerical value is added to the price called VAT (Value Added Tax). This tax is paid completely by the customer when he buys the product. In addition to that, the price of VAT varies with the price of the product. For instance, consider that you buy a shirt at a price of £ 20 and it has a VAT of 10%. Thus, the total price of the product would be given as follows.

Product Price = Cost +VAT
Price of shirt = £ 20 + 10 (£20)
Total Price of shirt is £22

VAT calculator

Why do you need to use manual formulae to determine VAT when a proper calculator can be used for the purpose? The VAT calculator by is one of the best alternatives for this purpose. Let us have a glance at some key aspects of this calculator.

  • 1. You need to start by entering the input values. Once you visit the link, a web page would be opened. On the left side of the page, you would see two text boxes. One of the text boxes if for entering the net price and the other is for the GST percentage.
  • 2. After you have entered these values, click the calculate button and the results would be shown on your right. These would include the gross price and the tax amount. In an overall manner, it can be said that the VAT calculator of has a very simple and easy to use interface. Users do not face any problems in using it.

Business Impact of VAT in UK

If you are a business owner in UK, you should know that VAT is applied on business activities performed. However, you have to be well aware of the conditions that are exercised in this relation. Let us go through the core factors related to VAT application on businesses in UK. If you are running a business in UK, this information would prove to be very beneficial for you.

1. Net Business Worth

As it is mentioned above, unlike other tax types applied in bulk. VAT is applied at each stage of production. In this way, tax payers know how the total VAT sum has been determined. On an average scale, VAT is applied at the rate of 20 percent but some conditions are applied in this case. Some businesses have to lower percentage of VAT while few are exempted as well.

In the UK, VAT is applied at an annual business earning of UK Pounds 85,000 or more. If you have earned revenue of £ 85000 or more, you would be required to pay VAT. In other cases, the tax would be exempted.

2. Application of VAT returns

In the UK, residents have the option to apply for VAT returns after every 3 months by following a very simple process. To start with, you have to provide a list of sales and purchases that have taken place in 3 months. If there is a tax amount which has to be claimed, you can go through the application process and get the VAT claims. The value of VAT claims would depend on the total amount you have to be given and the sum which has been earned already.

Core benefits of a VAT calculator

If you are living in UK or any other part of the world, paying the required tax amount would be a duty. However, irrespective of the tax type you are paying, it is important to know about the calculations performed and the points considered to calculate the desired amount.

Using a VAT calculator offers countless advantages to the users including the following.

1. Easy accurate way of checking what you are paying for

Unlike other types of tax, VAT is applied at every stage of the product creation process. The sum of all these individual amounts has to be paid by the consumer. The key point is that a lot of people living in UK do not know how VAT is charged. Some of them do not even know about the VAT percentage being applied. If you are paying VAT, you should know why a particular sum of money has been charged. Through a VAT calculator, you can accomplish this goal in a convenient manner.

2. VAT calculator cuts down the human effort involved

The process of calculating VAT is very complicated if you are not using a tool for this purpose. When you are using a VAT calculator, none of the calculations have to be performed manually. Once you input all the values, the VAT would be determined. Even if you have the time, determining VAT manually is a cumbersome task because people do not have enough information. For instance, a lot of people do not know that VAT varies with the price of the product. If you are using a VAT calculator, you do not need to know about the concepts involved. Simply enter the values and the VAT would be calculated.

3. VAT calculators are completely efficient

When you are performing a calculation manually, the chance of making mistakes is always there. Even if you are the smartest person on the planet, you would make mistakes. This does not happen if you are using a dependable VAT calculator. As this it is a technological tool, it provides users with the correct VAT value without any errors being made.

4. VAT calculator saves time for the user

Performing calculations is a time consuming process if you are performing them manually. However, if you are using a quality online calculator, it is not that difficult. For instance, if you want to determine the VAT paid for a particular product, you only need to insert the product price and tax percentage. Based on these values, the VAT value would be determined.

The VAT calculator by is a quality option to determine VAT. The tool is completely dependable and provides 100% accurate results for the values inserted. Other than that, it is completely online so the user does not have to install any tools. Lastly, the interface of the tool is quite simple. You can use the tool easily even if you do not have a lot of technical knowledge.

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