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In terms of appearance, the simplest form of a sphere is a ball. It is a three dimensional object so its volume is determined instead of the area. It is very much possible to determine the volume through manual steps but the difficulty level increases when you have the radius value in decimals or mixed fractions. All these hardships would get eliminated if you use this tool to determine the volume of sphere. We can extract further details by going through an example and viewing the formula.

Formula for volume of sphere

The general formula for calculating volume of the sphere is given as follows

Volume of sphere = \(\dfrac{4}{3}\pi r^3\)

In the above formula, the parameters \(\pi\) and \(r\) are used. These parameters have the following interpretations. 

\(\pi = 3.142\)

The value of the radius is half of the sphere diameter. For example,

if the diameter is \(8\text{cm}\), the radius will be \(4\text{cm}\).

Example for volume of sphere Calculation

Consider that you need to determine the volume of a sphere that has a radius \(4cm\). Hence, the volume would be given as

Volume of sphere \(= \dfrac{4}{3}\times3.142 \times 4\)

Volume of sphere \(= 16.7cm^3\)

In the above process, the values have been inserted in the formula to determine the sphere. However, this option works only when you have to determine the volume for one sphere and the values are in whole numbers. If you have the value of radius in decimals, it would be hard to determine the correct value. Thus, using this sphere calculator is a better alternative. Users only have to enter the radius as the input value. The formula is incorporated by the tool and correct volume results are produced.

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No one likes using a tool that comes with a complicated interface. It is hard to understand a tool, explore the options it has and then start using it. This process takes a lot of time and most users do not have the patience for it. Other than that, most users who wish to determine the volume of a sphere may not have adequate mathematics skills as well. Hence, such people find it very hard to perform the required steps and come up with the correct results. As this is a simple tool to use, the calculation tasks are completed in the easiest possible way.

This tool is used online which means that the user gets further ease of use. Users do not need to complete the download requirements and then use the tool. All you need is a device with internet connectivity.