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Pythagorean Theorem

The concepts of mathematics are all about understanding and applying concepts. The Pythagorean Theorem is related to the three sides of the triangle. The three sides of the triangle are hypotenuse, base and perpendicular. According to this theorem, the square of hypotenuse is equal to the square of base and square of perpendicular added together.

H 2 = B2 + P 2

Using a calculator to reduce hassle

It is a hassle to use this theorem manually. With our calculator, you can get the most accurate results without performing any of the steps yourself. Here are some key steps you have to perform.

  • In the first drop down menu, you have to select the side for which the value has to be determined. Consider that you want to determine the value of “Hypotenuse”, so it would be selected in the drop down menu. The triangle figure on the right shows the alphabet used for each side. For instance, hypotenuse is identified with the letter “c”.
  • In the other two text boxes, you have to enter the values of the other two sides. In this case, it is perpendicular and base. The perpendicular side is shown with the letter “a” and base is shown with “b”. After all the values have been entered, click the calculate button to check the results.

Checking the results

Once you have clicked the “calculate” button, the results would be shown on the right. In this case, the value of hypotenuse would be determined. Consider an example to get more understanding.

  • Let us take the value of perpendicular as 2 and the value of base as 4. When you enter these values and click the calculate button, the value of hypotenuse would be produced. In this case, it would be 4.47.

Simple online tool with no learning needed

At times, when you are using an online tool, you have to spend some time on learning. This can be a problem for some users. Particularly if you do not have technical knowledge, it would prove to be a hassle for you. This tool is very simple to use. It suits all kinds of users including the ones who do not have technical knowledge.

  • To use this tool, you simply have to enter the input values in fields given. In the first drop down menu, you only have to select the side for which the value has to be determined. Similarly, in the second two text boxes, you have to enter the two known values. In an overall manner, the process to use this tool is very simple.

Free usage for users

Users do not prefer paid tools. Instead, they prefer tools which are free and do not have usage limitations. Most free tools have conditions attached. Users have to use a trial version for which no charges are applied. Once the trial version ends, you have to buy a paid one. This problem is not present when you are using our calculator. It is a free option without the application of any restrictions or conditions.

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