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Percentage Depreciation Calculator

Our Percentage depreciation calculator helps you determine the depreciation rate in percentage. It is the best free tool available for the job. To help you avoid the confusion, the alternative terminology for percentage depreciation is called the declining balance depreciation. These two are not distinct and are the same.

When an asset reduces in value by annual percentage, it is called Percentage depreciation. For instance, say that you have an asset that has a total value of $12,000 with 12 percent depreciation per year, then at the end of the first year the total worth of the asset is $1440.


The Percentage depreciation (Declining Balance) model is a decent depreciation model for assets that reduce in value quite quickly or otherwise become outdated. For instance, the particular assets can include computer equipment and similar gadgets that have more productive value in the earlier years, before tech advancements make it necessary to have them replaced. The market value of such assets also spiral downwards when newer and better versions become available in the market. 


\(\mathbf{Percentage Depreciation = CBV \times DR} \)


\(\mathbf{CBV=Current Book Value}\)

\(\mathbf{DR=Depreciation Rate (\%)}\)

The current book value is the asset's net value at the beginning of the accounting phase, determined by subtracting the amassed depreciation from the price of the fixed asset. Outstanding value is the approximated salvage value at the conclusion of the asset’s useful life.
You can simply avoid all the math and calculate it directly with our calculator. Follow the simple steps given below for the purpose.

  • Choose whether you want the calculated information for years or months by selecting the respective option
  • Enter the asset value.
  • Enter the Percentage.
  • Enter the time period.
  • Finally, press ‘calculate’ and get your answer.

You will get your answer in addition to the depreciation schedule for analysis.

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