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Our octal to decimal converter takes a given value in the octal numbers and converts it to decimal numbers. This octal to decimal converter is best at what it does. Feed it with octal numbers and it will give you the decimal numbers in return.

Octal is a number system with base 8 (from digits 0 to 7) this number system has extensive applications in computing and software processes. On the other end, the decimal number system is the most fundamental mathematical framework ever devised and has application in nearly everything even remotely related to math.

For starters, the octal system is at times, preferred in computing over the hexadecimal system. The reason is rather a straightforward one, the hex system has a base of 16 and therefore, requires six more symbols in addition to 0-9. In octal system, there is no such need as it doesn’t require extra symbols to represent data. The base of 8 system is also employed for digital displays.

The above discussion makes the importance of both systems evident. Also, it is important to note here that these both systems are interconvertible. How cool is that! 

How to convert octal to decimal

With this octal converter tool, you can convert octal to decimal system for whatever reasons in no time. It is exceptionally simple to use. There are just two basic steps that you have to follow to make calculations.

  • Enter the octal number.
  • Press ‘calculate’

And that’s how simple it is. Now, to give you a demonstration, lets take an example. Consider that the value in octal number to be 455. Let’s put it into the box and see what we get. 
Putting 455 and converting it from octal to decimal, we get the following results:

Decimal calculation:

\(\mathbf{Let:} 455 \mathrm{is an Octal Number}\)

\((4 x 8^2) + (5 x 8^1) + (5 x 8^0) \)

\(\mathbf{Decimal} = 301\)

And so, your octal number converted to decimal number is 301. This is how elegant the entire process is with this tool.

Octal to decimal table

For further convenience, we have outlined the octal to decimal table for your analysis of the two systems.

Octal Decimal
0 0
1 1
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
10 8
11 9
12 10
13 11
14 12
15 13
16 14
17 15
20 16
30 24
40 32
50 40
60 48
70 56
100 64